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Roy at the Mayor's Ball
Roy Montibon, Strategy + Creative Direction

Roy Montibon is a serial entrepreneur and known leader in business strategy, identity development, branding, creative direction, design, marketing, communications and technology integration. Montibon's role has taken many forms—as consultant, corporate executive, entrepreneur, educator and community organizer.

Montibon's specialty is conceiving, designing, developing and launching difficult, complex projects with minimal resources. A graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Montibon has provided strategic planning, has lead national and international teams; and has produced branding amnd marketing and communication initiatives for clients including Fortune 1000 corporations, educational institutions, major consulting firms, technology leaders high-tech startups.

Montibon was the founder of the original Artwalk in Downtown Los Angeles and ran it for four years and served as an elected official for the CRA/LA.

He has produced several international symposia on design and the arts at UCLA and UC Irvine. Montibon developed and taught some of the first digital imaging and media arts courses offered in the U.S. He has taught and mentored over 6,000 undergrads, graduate students and creative professionals at UCLA, UC Irvine and other southern California universities.

Montibon is currently a Strategic Consultant and worked on the marketing section of two successful NSF grant applications for VizCommunication, a Los Angeles educational startup. He was a strategic advisor to the Shanghai-based NGO, Joint U.S.-China Collaboration on Clean Energy, where he was invited to help train over 35 mayors, provincial governors and high-ranking ministry officials in the area of for eco-heritage tourism. He was formerly the Creative Director for COMDEX, Networld & Interop and Seybold Seminars. Montibon was a part of a small team that designed and built a NIST-certified, JITC-approved military grade data security device. He was also served as the Customer Experience Architect for CarsDirect.

He is currently the President of The Montibon Company, LLC (TMC). TMC provides comprehensive branding, market positioning and creative direction.

He was named the Chair of one of two pilot programs for the New Mexico State Arts & Culture District for Las Vegas, New Mexico. The designation was awarded by Lt. Governor Diane Denish and three New Mexico Cabinet Secretaries. Montibon was also the co-founder of Royal Mastodon Society, a company that renovates historic buildings and converts them into artist lofts, studios and exhibition spaces.

He has been a featured speaker at digital media events held at UC Irvine, Occidental College, USC, Cal State Long Beach, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Coro Foundation, The American Film Institute and at the California's Governor's Conference on the Arts special program, Beyond the Millennium: Redefining the Arts for the 21st Century. Montibon is also an artist, designer, photographer and inventor.

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Julie in Westwood
Julie Tumblety, Operations + Art Direction

Arriving in Los Angeles from New York City, Julie Tumblety used her organizational and management skills to develop and oversee a program at UCLA Extension offering approximately 160 courses in fine art, graphic design and media arts per year for over 14 years. Her understanding of the needs of the marketplace and her contacts in the creative industry allowed her to develop curriculum, track developments in creative industries, identify top talent and place industry professionals as instructors to lead courses designed for undergraduates, graduate students and design/media arts professionals.

In addition, Tumblety developed special events, design studio and advertising agency tours and training programs to address specific market needs in the film industry, (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees - IATSE); for regional companies (the Los Angeles Times) and international interests (top Tokyo designers and Asian technology corporations). She also helped develop and produce the annual UCLA event marketing programs, Arts Day LA and Careers Day weekends. Tumblety worked closely with Roy Montibon to organize dozens of special programs, seminars, arts events and international symposia. She organized and ran special programs for the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and the Urban Land Institute in Downtown Los Angeles. Tumblety helped the Visual Arts / Design Communication Arts Department lead the UCLA Professional Development Program towards recognition as the top university extension program in the United States.

Tumblety is also the Co-Founder and Gallery Director of the Royal Mastodon Society gallery, producing several exhibitions including three BFA shows for New Mexico Highlands University Fine Art graduates, the first two graffiti shows in Las Vegas, and two traditional Hispanic arts exhibitions featuring local and regional Santeros, in addition to musical events and the first Artist in Residence program in Las Vegas. In Downtown Los Angeles, she was the owner of Studio 808, where she produced a number of live music events and group exhibitions featuring several downtown artists. She was also the Founding Co-Producer of the Artwalk in Downtown Los Angeles. She currently serves on the Mayor's Film Commission for Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Tumblety's recent experience includes:

Royal Mastodon Society, LLC,
Designer/developer of artist live/work lofts and retail gallery properties

Gallery Director
Royal Mastodon Society Gallery
Produced exhibitions including four graduate shows for New Mexico Highlands University.

VoxOrpheus | Contemporary Art
Artist management services

Gallery Owner
Studio 808 (Downtown, Los Angeles)
Produced several group exhibitions featuring downtown artists.

Tumblety helped to coordinate SPACE New Mexico (Special Projects in Art, Culture and Education) events with Roy Montibon and was the Co-Producer of the Old Bank District Artwalk in Downtown LA.

As an art director, a trained actress and professional voice-over artist, Tumblety is very familiar with the professional design, fine art, film, theater and media arts communities and has a sophisticated aesthetic sensibility that comes out of years of direct experience in those areas. She is also an animal rights activist and experienced cat wrangler.

As a artist, Tumblety's personal work includes conceptual mixed-media and photography.

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Partners Roy Montibon & Julie Tumblety
Partners Roy Montibon & Julie Tumblety.

Masthead Left: American Indian Warrior
Photograph, Roy Montibon
Masthead Right: Aztec Dancer
Photograph, Roy Montibon