The Montibon Company: Areas of Specialty: Masthead

A R E A S   of   S P E C I A L T Y

TMC / MDA has executed projects, or is currently producing projects in the following areas:

Arts & Culture
Fine Art, Music, Audio, Art & Music Events, Design, Photography, Film and Media Arts; Art Galleries and Exhibitions, Live/Work Studios, Art Provenance

Film & Television
Specialty Imagery, Marketing, Graphic Design, Animation, Posters, Photography, Retouching, Titles, Motion Graphics

Design & Engineering
Architecture, Urban Design, Furniture Design; Mechanical Enginnering, Interface Design, eCommerce, Technology Integration, Database Architecture

Science & Technology
Nanotechnology, Materials Science, Physics; Space Exploration, Imaging, VR, AR; Cybersecurity, Long-Term Data Archiving

Tourism, Nature & Environment
International Eco-Heritage Tourism, Agri-Tourism, Arts & Culture Tours, International Business Tours, Outdoor Recreation, Road Trips, Wildlife Conservation

Automotive & Motorcycle Industries
Automotive, Motorcycles, Electric Vehicles, Aftermarket Products, Custom Culture; Motorsports

Education & Learning Systems
Undergraduate, Graduate and Professional Education; University Curricula and Program Development; Presentations; Corporate Training; Workshops, International Symposia and Conferences; International Online Education

Community Enhancement & Economic Development
Strategic Planning, Arts & Culture Programs; Historic Preservation, Adaptive Reuse, Economic Development, Tourism, Entrepreneurial Education and Mentoring

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Infinite Pianos CD Cover Art
Cover Art: Infinite Pianos CD by Composer Drew Schnurr
Design, Photography: Roy Montibon
Studio 808 Event Announcement
Printed Announcement: Studio 808 Event
Design, Photography: Roy Montibon
Cars Direct Porsche Boxster California Coast Promotion
Cover Art: Cars Direct Porsche Boxster California Dream Sweeps Promotion
Promotion Concept, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Writing: Roy Montibon. Cover Illustration: Ron Mayo