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Roy Montibon, Founder of The Montibon Company, is an educator who has taught and mentored over 6,000 under-graduates, graduate students and industry professionals.

He pioneered courses in computer graphics and digital media for creative professionals in the art, design and film industries at UCLA Extension at a time when very few such courses existed anywhere in the U.S.

Teaching, Mentoring, Workshops & Symposia

During his years teaching for UCLA's Professional Development Programs, Roy has organized and moderated special programs, developed curricula and taught Media Arts, Computer Graphics, Information Architecture, Interface Design, Experience Design, Creative Process and Professional Practice courses.

Many of his students were specifically sent to Roy's classes by such organizations as Disney, Time Warner, Pacific Bell, American Express, Rockwell International, Ogilvy Mather, Toyota Motor Sales, TBWA Chiat/Day, The Los Angeles Times, The Rand Corporation, Symantec, JPL, Apple Computer, ABC, US Web/CKS, IBM and AT&T.

In addition to UCLA, Roy has also taught coursed he developed at UC Irvine, UC Riverside, Chapman University, Occidental College and was a featured speaker at media arts conferences and/or a guest lecturer at USC, UC Irvine, Cal State Long Beach, Cal State Northridge, Cal State Los Angeles, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Coro Foundation, The American Film Institute and at the California's Governor's Conference on the Arts special program "Beyond the Millennium: Redefining the Arts for the 21st Century".

Roy has created, produced, directed and moderated international design symposia featuring keynotes by renowned artist/composer/record producer Brian Eno, science fiction author Ray Bradbury, Swiss designer Wolfgang Weingart, and computer graphics visionary and MacArthur "genius grant" recipient Jim Blinn of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and many others.

At the request of the Joint U.S.-China Collaboration on Clean Energy (JUCCCE, an international NGO based in Shanghai, China), and the Chinese Central Government, Roy has provided strategic training on the topic of Eco-Heritage Tourism (with a focus on sustainable economic development for indegenous populations) to roughly 40 mayors, provincial governors and high-ranking Chinese Ministry officials.

Roy and Julie Tumblety are the founders of the Ministry of Strategic Artistic Improvisation, (MSAI). MSAI hosts a series of online and onsite professional development seminars for creative professionals and artists of all types seeking to optimize their work and enhance their creative lives. The seminars cover creative process issues including: Unconventional Thinking, Counterintuitive Planning, Coherent Decision Making, Improvisational Methodologies, Mental Landscaping, Random Distruptions and Intentional Spontaneity.

Roy spoke at ArtsDay LA, organized by Julie Tumblety and hosted by UCLA Extension, on the topic of "Where Do Artists Get Their Inspiration?"; was honored by the UCLA Extension Design / Communication Arts Department as Instructor of the Year; and was the featured graduation speaker at the UCLA Extension Computer Graphics and Graphic Design 2004 graduation ceremony. He has taught a number of 12-week online courses for UCLA Extension, including The Creative Process and Powerful Design.

He is current mentoring United World College entrepreneurial students; as a Faculty Sponsor at UWC is leading a tour of significant New Mexico businesses, art establishments and institutions (24 visits in 8 days); and was a speaker at UWC's Annual Conference in 2019. In conjunction with New Mexico State University's Arrowhead BizSprint program will be conducting a 10-week arts focused entrepreneurial program at his studio in Las Vegas.

He has also recently served on a Thesis Review Panel for Santa Fe University of Art and Design; A Judge for the Graduation Show for the Art Department at New Mexico Highlands University; and was the Judge the 28th Annual Angel Fire Arts Fest.

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Cinnabar Artwork
Cinnabar, Roy Montibon. Mixed Media.
Photography, Digital Compositing: Roy Montibon. Scanning, Image Processing: Michelle Albuquerque, Desiree Scott, Mimi Cabrerra, Diane LaBuda
Obsidian Artwork
Obsidian, Roy Montibon. Mixed Media.
Photography, Digital Compositing: Roy Montibon. Scanning, Image Processing: Michelle Albuquerque, Desiree Scott, Mimi Cabrerra, Diane LaBuda
JUCCCE Eco-Heritage Mayoral Training Presentation
Eco-Heritage Mayoral Training Presentation
Training program co-developed and co-written by Roy Montibon and Reena Gordon. Art Direction, Design: Roy Montibon.
New Tools for Design Poster
Poster: New Tools for Design, a talk by Roy on digital media at U.C. Irvine.
Poster design and production by Roy Montibon